Affordable remote experts for london companies

Same quality. Lower price. This is how we achieve that.

Labour in Croatia costs ~60% less than in the UK

This doesn’t even include the cost of providing expensive UK office space to employees. We have built an extensive network of high-calibre professionals, across all specialisations, who are incredibly motivated to work with British firms. We cover all quality and regulatory elements of their employment, so our customers need only focus on what these professionals can do for their business.

How Are your experts are so affordable?

You want quality employees who will get the job done... but you also don't want to spend your entire budget in the process. We know this because we have been in your shoes. As a solution, we work with high-quality people in Croatia, where workforce costs about 60% less than in the UK. This allows you to get access to specialised experts in their respective fields, without paying UK prices.

You expect the best. We agree.

We are dedicated to the provision of only the best quality professionals to our customers. By working with UK-based firms, and given our established position in Croatia, we can identify and engage the cream of the crop from the Croatian labour market. Our activities do not stop at selection though; we are able to manage these professionals on our customer’s behalf, guaranteeing the quality of what is delivered, long-term.

Full details of typical duties are available on request.

You expect the best. We agree.

Working with remote employees or teams, you might worry if they are actually as good as they claim. After all, this is your business we're talking about. To make sure that we can deliver only high-quality individuals, we have a rigorous candidate selection process. This means that each of our experts has been hand-picked and tested by our team.

Full details of typical duties are available on request.


Your Administration professional will cover all those administrative tasks that you are too busy to do yourself, freeing you up to run your business – and even have a social life!

Personal Assistant

Your Personal Assistant will take the pressure off your daily life, essentially acting as an extension of yourself (but with far more time available!)

Customer support

Your Customer Support professional will work closely with your customers to ensure that their needs are identified and met. They will be driven to improve your customer relationship, to the ongoing benefit of your business.


Every business has a lot of necessary, but unimportant work. Leave that to us, so you can focus on what really matters.

Personal Assistant

Everybody needs a right-hand. Your PA willl help you with the workload on your back. Learn more

Customer support

The quality of a business is often measured by the quality of its support and relationships with customers.

Finance Specialist

Your Finance Professional will manage any aspect of your finances, from minor administrative activities to full finance function delivery. You will no longer need to be an expert in finances, as our resource will ensure that this critical element of your business is assured.

Project Management

Your Project Management professional will structure and drive your projects in line with your objectives. They will free you from the need to constantly “juggle” long-term goals and short-term activities.

Market Research

Your Market Research expert will help you understand your competitive environment and your customer’s evolving desires. They will support you in creating the business that your customers want.

Social Media

Your Social Media expert will drive all elements of your online presence, constantly improving your attractiveness to your market of choice. This includes improving your impact across all social media platforms.


Your Marketing expert will work closely with you to understand what you offer and promote this across your marketplace. They will be dedicated to enhancing your reputation and increasing sales.


Your expert Developer will be dedicated to the delivery of outstanding quality on a timeline that meets your business targets. They will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction in every sense.


When a Remote Bob professional agrees an action, you can consider it done. Our managerial team monitor the performance of all employees. Our CRM solution allows each customer to track the activity of each of their resources. We ensure our resources deliver, every time, and are 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of every one of our clients. Our only objective is a successful long-term relationship. 

  • No-Risk Guarantee
  • Compensation for late delivery
  • Free hour trial
  • Direct contact of our London office
  • Customer support
  • Fixed Cost
  • High-calibre workers
  • Same time-zone
  • Monitor your employees
  • 100% satisfaction